Dear readers,

I have neglected this place for a while and it’s time to revive it a bit. For how long? I’ll do my best.

I have worked on a simpler design, and also a simpler content. Yes, it’s still a catch-all but a slightly more focused one.

Let’s say you won’t find anything related to my work here. I have fully rebuilt my website and will from now on detail my work in the news section. You can keep me a little place in you daily Twitter and Facebook feeds that will keep you informed in time of my lastest additions. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for a full seasonal recap, in your inbox every solstice.

I moved my modeling activity on a dedicated page, which is not safe for work. You can follow the tumblr, but I will also inform you here when I post something new.

So, back on this page, what’s left? Sketches. Sketches of life, feelings, thoughts, stories, in a mix of photography and illustration. I have, among others, a lot of pictures of my recent travels to show you. The archives have been cleaned for a more consistent content. And also : wider images coming. I’ll manage to keep a tuesday - friday posts schedule.

Hoping you will like what you will see, feel free to express yourself, you won’t talk to the wind this time.




  1. eva 9 août 2014

    Et sinon ça se passe comment pour les non anglophones? 0o
    PS: est il dans tes projets de reprendre « je mange comme une poule »? J’aimais beaucoup ce site!!

  2. Galou 11 août 2014

    Bonjour Eva,

    Je n’écrirai les textes qu’en anglais désormais, et pour les dessins accompagnés de textes on verra. Mais pour l’utilité de l’anglais en général, réjouis-toi d’avoir une occasion de plus de te perfectionner :)

    Merci pour ton intérêt pour mon site, je n’ai rien de prévu le concernant, ça demande un peu plus de travail que je ne suis prêt à en fournir pour ce projet, donc effectivement c’est dommage mais on ne peut as être partout…!

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